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 Crawler Film Strip vB5
16.03.22, 09:23 -  4

Updated to latest version 1.0.1 Description: Movie or Music Album Presentation Displays crawler mar

 Postbit Background Usergroups vB5
07.01.21, 23:03 -  0

Tested in vbulletin version 5.6.4 works fine Description: This plug in will allow me to set images t

 Latest Album Pictures Module Compatible 5.6.x
05.04.22, 22:53 -  1

I have adapted the latest album pictures by Mr. Atakan KOC to vbulletin 5.6.3 version. Tested, works

 Channel Description Per Forum Page vB5
08.01.21, 02:45 -  0

vB Version: 5.6.4 tested Description: Forum / Per Page offers the ability to add the content you wa

 Avatars Slider vB5
17.03.21, 18:45 -  5

Yilmaz Avatars Slider vB5 Module Description: Displays avatars of topic initiators in the selecte

 Menu quick navigation
02.06.21, 19:33 -  0

I have improved the product now shown. as a drop down menu. Description: Displays an option to quic

 Force Guests to Register vB5
21.09.21, 09:30 -  7

Description: You are able to display a nice and flashy character to all guests forcing them to re


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