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  • pogo
    started a topic Custom PHP

    Custom PHP

    I am working to replace my php modules with the new template display module.

    I have a php file that when run, creates a search display page....
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  • pogo
    started a topic Private forums not so Private

    Private forums not so Private

    If I have a private forum that requires a upgraded membership and a member posts an image in there .... all somebody needs is the link to the image and...
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    Last edited by yilmaz; 20.02.21, 13:31.

  • Bug / Issueit doesn't show text on Welcome message in vBulletin PV

    Hello. i configured to send a welcome message for new user after registration. some of my users report me that welcome message just has a title without...
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  • Miscellaneous Hacks - Not Your Average Adblock Detecting Mod (hide images in post)

    [B]This was a commissioned product curtesy of a lesser known user Kwikms. Who had came to me knowing exactly what he was looking...
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  • Mysql version upgrade compatibility

    I'm using vBulletin 4.2, php 5.4.40, and MySQL 5.6.41.

    I'll be upgrading MySQL to 5.7. Are there any compatibility issues that...
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  • Bug / IssueForum disappeared after uploading an image

    I tried to switch out out company logo with an current one in the editor and after clicking "save" our entire forum disappeared. At first I...
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  • pogo
    started a topic Android App issues

    Android App issues

    Just built my Android App and doing testing but finding issues already.

    main two are:

    clicking on recent activity...
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  • Exclude Forum Folder (Channel) from Post Counts

    In vB4 we enjoyed the option to exclude certain folders (Off-Topic, rapid-posting nonsense games, threads hidden by the mods, etc.) from adding to members'...
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  • pogo
    started a topic Number of posts in a page

    Number of posts in a page

    Help. How do I increase or reduce the number of posts in a page before it spills to a next page.

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  • Is there a discounted license upgrade option for those who have expired licenses?


    I searched the forum but couldn't find a clear answer for me, so please help if you can.

    I am currently running...
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  • Latest Activity Tab - Database Error

    When a guest user clicks the "Latest Activity" tab on the forum, the AJAX call returns a database error. The following query gets generated:...
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  • How do I write a conditional that includes multiple specific users IDs?

    I'm still developing a site, so I'm the only member, otherwise I'd test what I'm about to ask.

    I'd like to have something shown to user ID...
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  • Tagging users does not always work


    Tagging users does not always work. I mean using the @ tagging function. For example, I write but this does not function....
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  • How to add Adsense to my forum


    Im totally new to the software .I have a license for vbulletin cloud ,and i would like your help setting up google adsense.i...
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  • Writing Articles with photos in Vb. Do you use the Attachments or the Share Photos Button.

    Am am writing articles in Vb and I wonder what is the best practice.

    The Attachment system with options to insert or the Share Photos Button...
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  • pogo
    started a topic PM upload feature question

    PM upload feature question

    A member sent me this screenshot, and was wondering why this feature could not be used in a private message. It does work in the main forum areas....
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  • How to downgrade on a test site?

    I am trying to install version 5.6.0 from a backup since I need to evaluate a plugin problem during upgrades. I have a test site where I had 5.6.4 and...
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  • pogo
    started a topic High Traffic?

    High Traffic?

    What is the maximum number of concurrent sessions that can be handled on a server? Since we are planning to use the software to provide a weekly time...
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  • SF TXT reord to prevent spoof spam

    We have the option on our domain to set a TXT SPF record to help prevent our domain being spoofed in spam.

    However the instructions...
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  • pogo
    started a topic Making VB5 Modules

    Making VB5 Modules

    Hi there,

    I have been lokking on the net, and there is a lot of reading.

    I am looking for how to begin learning...
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