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  • Bug / IssueGoogle Search Console error: Invalid object type for field "itemReviewed"

    In Google Search console i am getting errors titled "Invalid object type for field "itemReviewed"

    As an example:...
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  • ngx
    started a topic Copy/Pasting URL's

    Copy/Pasting URL's

    Am I imagining this 'problem'? I could swear that when I first launched our forum I could copy a URL, paste that text into a post, and the URL would...
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  • Change drop-down menu on phone to a footer

    I currently see a dropdown menu on a mobile phone (Go to...) but I want to change it display pages like the following...

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  • Error message after clicking "I agree" on cookie notice popup

    After clicking "I agree" on the following message I get the following error message
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  • ngx
    started a topic Shout box

    Shout box

    It seems that Vbulletin cloud has no option for chatbox. What I am really wanting is a shoutbox at the top of the forum. I know several forum layouts...
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  • unserialize and timeout errors in server logs -- page not loading

    Hey friends,

    I'm doing some technical troubleshooting for a vBulletin site that my friends recently took over that had a significant...
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  • ngx
    started a topic Htacces question

    Htacces question


    the file .htacces on the root folder contains

    RewriteEngine On

    RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off [OR]...
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  • VBulletin Cloud to VBulletin Connect 5!

    I have VBulletin Cloud and I want to transfer to VBulletin Connect 5. Wondering if I should get the mobile also. I have the mobile that goes directly...
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  • Accidently Deleted Privacy Policy Module

    I accidently deleted the privacy policy module from a custom page I thought I was using the same template with to make a terms of service page with. How...
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  • ngx
    started a topic Adding Hit Counter

    Adding Hit Counter

    Where do I go to add a hit counter to vBulletin? The hit counter I want to use, statcounter, has vBulletin instructions, but they are not applicable to...
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  • how to send private message with desired body to a user after X days

    Is it possible to send an automatic private message to a user after a specific time in vBulletin? (for example 1 OR 3 month after his/her last activity)...
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  • RSS Feed Sending Emails from Unsubscribed Forum

    I receive an email every time a post is made in an RSS feed forum. I am not subscribed to that feed, and do not have moderator email notifications turned...
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  • "New" installation after being hacked

    My forum was hacked and all files removed. The DB is intact and tested. The question is, to bring my forum back to life I just have to reupload the files?...
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  • ngx
    started a topic Social Media buttons

    Social Media buttons

    As well as the Facebook and Twitter links that appear by the individual posts, it would be good to be able to add the main icon buttons for Facebook,...
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  • Successful job, thank you, it worked for me.
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  • ngx
    started a topic About the Mobile Suite

    About the Mobile Suite

    So, your Moble Suite description says:

    The vBulletin Mobile Suite includes native...
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