Hello. i configured to send a welcome message for new user after registration. some of my users report me that welcome message just has a title without any content. (empty content). i did some different tests with different senario and i found that there is a problem that welcome message has no content.

first senario, i created a new user with my pc then i recived activation email after clicking on activation link, i registerd successfully then i recived a welcome message in my inbox of vbulletin. message was normal and complete with title and full text.

second senario, again i created another new user with my pc. then i recived activation email but this time i opened email from my cellphone. and then click on activation URL just like before again i registerd successfully an i see sucessfull registeration on my cellphone browser. then i comeback to my pc and i did a refresh, i recived welcome message this time without any content and it show just title with empty content.

the problem is that : when a user click on activation link from same network or ip public that she/he do her/his registeration, every thing is ok but if a user registerd with an ip address and did activation with another ip address, he/she will get incomplete private message.