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Bug / IssueChannels with failed URLs, after upgrade to 5.6.4

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    Bug / IssueChannels with failed URLs, after upgrade to 5.6.4


    Everything is alright upgrade to 5.6.4 except 4 child channels whenever I click on them, instead of showing threads inside them, they give me invalid link or page error. I don't know what to do. I noticed that their URLs are not complete, they are missing something. The URLs for these channels look like this:

    Notice the 2 slashes before the end of the link. They do not include anything inside theme compared to the rest of the forum working channels!!

    Any tips or hints will be appreciated.

    Best Regards

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    Though it is probably related to the title of the channel if you're using something other than English. If not using English, you can try to work around this by using Route Channels / Discussions by Node ID or by using the ASCII Equivalent options in the AdminCP under Settings -> Options -> SIte URLs and Routing



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