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    vB3.8.X Yilmaz - Crawler Film Strip 5

    Last update: 04.12.2017

    Many sites host web space and traffic problems, they will shake hands when you add plug-in issue, other than pruning naturally dependent loading image image hosting.

    Because of such problems on the home page banner strip show had trouble in the future I am sure those who track this extension.

    Note: The top issue when adding images to be added to the img bbcode
    I did a google translation mistake I'm sorry if you have

    Is new: It was a problem loading large files, now makes automatic shrink (thumbnail).

    Yeni: Büyük boydaki resimleri otomatik maket yapıyor (thumbnail).

    Not: İzin almadan herkes kendi sitesinda suna bilir, sadece buranın adresini vermeyi unutmayın.

    Properly written in English by Mr Guitarlogan (I hereby thank you for the wonderful help to Guitarlogan)

    Fix Log:
    29/12/2011::No Image Setting added option
    26/02/2011: BB codes error fixed
    20/10/2009: Automatic picture thumbnail to activate / deactivate added.
    03/10/2009: Admin panel topics are set to random or recent topics.
    27/09/2009:Opera browser Fixed some glitches
    05/02/2013: Internet explorer Fixed some glitches. IMG IMGL, IMGR and ATTACH bbkode images allowed
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