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  • Yilmaz - (AJAX) [hide] Hack incl post Like vB5

    In vBulletin 5.6.x, we could only see the hidden content after a post-click refresh.

    I will be happy to present this plugin, which I have...
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  • Yilmaz - [hide] Hack incl post Like testing

    Hidden content experiment.

    Unlock hidden content when you reply

    This post contains hidden content
    NOTE: To see the hidden message, just click the Like button
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  • Hide (like) hack - design

    one mission for yilmaz

    is it possible and how get this hack att looks some better - explained in attached picture
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  • How to hide channels (not for google)


    I want to still active some old channels (with interesting content for google) but hide this channels from general forum page.
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    Last edited by yilmaz; 01.03.21, 13:33.

  • How to hide empty custom profile fields in postbit

    Is this possible in vB Cloud? I've added a couple of custom CPFs, and selected the option to show them in the postbit. They look great when members fill...
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  • uae
    started a topic can i hide a forum?

    can i hide a forum?


    Can i Hide a forum?...
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  • Hide Content From Guests vB5


    Hide Content From Guests.
    If you don not want your guest to browse your forum without registration or sign in, you need...
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    Last edited by yilmaz; 26.03.22, 16:35.

  • Hide redirect post in forumdisplay

    Hi, when I combine multiple messages, I mark it so that the redirect is permanent, but that leaves the message seen as moved and I would like to be able...
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  • Hide [code,php,html] content from guests (vb5.6.x)

    Tested in vbulletin version 5.6.4 works fine

    This mod makes it so you can hide [CODE] [PHP] [HTML] BBcode content from guests...
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  • hide Hack incl post Like (Compatible 5.6.x)

    Current Version 1.6.1

    I've modified the original [hide] hack...
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  • Hide Links From Guests (Compatible 5.6.x)

    With this hack you hide links from guests

    Tested with vBulletin Version 5.6.7 and PHP Version 8.0.16

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  • Yilmaz - Hide IP Address vB4

    Hide IP Address of Selected Users

    With this modification the starter of a thread will be highlighted in his posts/replies by a small tex...
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  • Remove or hide date of birth field in profile

    Hi there,

    Please can you help me to either remove the date of birth field or to hide it from public view (like the user's name
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