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  • Latest post information on mobile

    If these css codes are added to the template css_additional.css with the style you are using, it will look like a screenshot.
    /* Latest post information
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  • Mobile view CSS error

    Can someone tell me what I need to add/remove to ensure that forum descriptions are shown on mobile view?

    Missing descriptions...
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  • Mobile users keep getting logged out

    I have a cloud forum that's less than a week old, and my members and I keep getting logged out from the mobile version.

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  • ngx
    started a topic About the Mobile Suite

    About the Mobile Suite

    So, your Moble Suite description says:

    The vBulletin Mobile Suite includes native...
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  • Different Style for Mobile?

    I see that vB5 has removed the settings for choosing a different style to serve to mobile browsers. I understand that the intention is for styles to be...
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  • FAST50
    started a topic Desktop and Mobile Posting

    Desktop and Mobile Posting

    On my vbulletin 4.2.2 when someone posts on a mobile device it shows up right away on my desktop computer but it takes forever for it to show up on a...
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  • Whatsapp share for mobile style

    Hello for every one here

    i need update this hack please if you can
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  • vB-Info
    started a topic Turkish - Mobile Suite v2.5

    Turkish - Mobile Suite v2.5

    I would be glad if you add it to the application in the first update

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