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  • Latest post information on mobile

    If these css codes are added to the template css_additional.css with the style you are using, it will look like a screenshot.
    /* Latest post information
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  • Yilmaz - (AJAX) Post Likes Detail vB5

    Version 1.0.1
    Fixed some bugs that I found.

    Version 1.0.2
    Added AJAX feature

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  • Yilmaz - [hide] Hack incl post Like testing

    Hidden content experiment.

    Unlock hidden content when you reply

    This post contains hidden content
    NOTE: To see the hidden message, just click the Like button
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  • any plugin or temp img upload to post for vb3

    hi yilmaz
    any plugin or temp
    to upload img to post
    like tihs

    plz and thanks...
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  • It shows a notice to the moderator when there are post denounced or to approve

    First I want to apologize for my English because I use the google translator. This is my second product, I hope it helps.The reason I made the product...
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  • Twitter Share not showing post preview. Just shows text

    Hi Everyone

    I have two problems:

    1) My page URL are shown like this in the browser:

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  • Post notifications going to all mods/admins

    We're were planning to kick off our vB Cloud forums next week but are having major notification issues.

    This is a private...
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  • Exclude Forum Folder (Channel) from Post Counts

    In vB4 we enjoyed the option to exclude certain folders (Off-Topic, rapid-posting nonsense games, threads hidden by the mods, etc.) from adding to members'...
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  • displayed post time for logged in users IS affected by AdminCP 'Enable Daylight Savings' setting...why?

    VB 5.6.4, users who dst set to automatic in their userCP see posts with timestamp +1 hour from correct time as posted.

    When I change option...
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  • Stop post count from increasing

    I know it's possible on older vb's (well if I remember right) but i'm not seeing a option to leave users post in a forum while this post count stays the...
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  • Show ad (or whatever) after every X post

    Add the following to the bottom of display_contenttype_threadview_footer:

    {vb:set conversationCount, {vb:math ({vb:var postIndex}
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  • vB-Info
    started a topic Post Counts

    Post Counts

    Do post counts also reflect posts once made and later deleted? My board post count tells me I've made 19 posts, but I only count 11. I have run the post...
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  • Change Date & Timestamp of a single post


    Finally we are looking to go live on the new v5.6.4 forum.

    This is an upgrade from a v3 forum which is currently...
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  • Does it do anything to rebuild the Post Cache if you are not using any caching?

    I realize that vb 3.8 is DEAD, and apparently no one will respond to these questions any longer.

    But if your config.php file...
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  • vB-Info
    started a topic Post title url link broken

    Post title url link broken

    I have a post that the url is broken. I can "see" the post when I hover on the link, so I know it's there. When I click on the url it says "This...
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