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  • i don't want to upgrade to vb5

    as a title I own vbulletin 4.2.5 how can I make vb5 products work in vb4 that I know are very interesting?
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  • Bug / IssueChannels with failed URLs, after upgrade to 5.6.4


    Everything is alright upgrade to 5.6.4 except 4 child channels whenever I click on them, instead of showing threads inside them, they...
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  • vb5 install or upgrade problem with mysql server name

    In the config.php file, the text version of the server name didn't work:

    $config['MasterServer']['servername'] = '
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  • Mysql version upgrade compatibility

    I'm using vBulletin 4.2, php 5.4.40, and MySQL 5.6.41.

    I'll be upgrading MySQL to 5.7. Are there any compatibility issues that...
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  • Bug / Issueforum is down though it was doing well after asccessful upgrade


    My forum (5.6.4) was running fine after it got upgraded. As soon as the upgrade process completed, I entered the admin cpanel and did...
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  • difficulty paying for upgrade

    I have been struggling with paypal, which i finally gave up on, and now i have to go back to the wire payment option, however the link to the "next"...
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  • Is there a discounted license upgrade option for those who have expired licenses?


    I searched the forum but couldn't find a clear answer for me, so please help if you can.

    I am currently running...
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  • Pretty sure going to upgrade but - couple more questions

    1. With VB5.x will users be able to expand the forum part of the site so that the side bars (recent topics, etc) are not visible?

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  • Few issue after migration and upgrade


    I've got some problem with my forum. But let start at beginning. I migrate my forum from ipboard to vbulletin 4.2.5...
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  • "sigpic" Instead of Signature Picture After Upgrade from 4.2.5

    After a test upgrade from vB 4.2.5 to 5.6.4 our members' Signature Picture images are no longer showing in post signatures, or on the user edit page in...
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  • How difficult is it going to be to upgrade from 3.0.7?

    I know this is pre-sales, but because I'm going to need to repurchase, as I'm well aware of my license has expired, I'm thinking this is still the best...
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  • Curious logic in upgrade step 143 for 500a1

    Hello, we noticed after a forum upgrade from version 3, we were missing almost 70K threads. We tracked it down to this particular upgrade step in 500a1....
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  • User Login fails after upgrade 3.8.9 > 5.6.4

    This a new upgrade 3.8.9 > 5.6.4.

    User login fails through the Login or Sign Up (but admin login through /admincp link is fine). Always...
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  • custom smilies not working after upgrade

    Hey everyone. I recently upgraded from 3.8 to 5.6. After doing the upgrade I went into the admincp and tried to edit the smilies using the smilie manager....
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  • 5.6.3 Upgrade, final step 15

    Hello, I am getting an error on final step 15 when performing an upgrade


    Could not find phrase...
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