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  • Chicoynano - Active users viewing the thread

    Updated version 1.5 fixed the error could not translate the title of the widget

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  • Send HTML emails to users

    HI guys..... how can I send HTML emails to users?

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  • Mobile users keep getting logged out

    I have a cloud forum that's less than a week old, and my members and I keep getting logged out from the mobile version.

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  • guest users can't load google fonts

    If a user is not logged in the console will display:

    (82) Refused to apply style from '' because its MIME type ('text/html') is not a supported...
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  • Moderators Functions - Yilmaz - Force Users to Read a Thread vB5


    This hack allows you to specify a thread that you would like users to read. They would not be able to do anything else on the...
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  • displayed post time for logged in users IS affected by AdminCP 'Enable Daylight Savings' setting...why?

    VB 5.6.4, users who dst set to automatic in their userCP see posts with timestamp +1 hour from correct time as posted.

    When I change option...
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  • Force Users to Read a Thread

    It is possible a product that forces to establish a thread that 'must read' by its members. Right now, if you make a post and want all of your members...
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  • Tagging users does not always work


    Tagging users does not always work. I mean using the @ tagging function. For example, I write but this does not function....
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  • Users cannot edit their posts

    We didn't make any changes to these permissions.

    Usergroup settings are yes they can edit own posts, and 0 for unlimited time. But no edit...
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  • Bug / IssueMake invisible to not REG USERS a subforum

    Hi guys.....

    Little question..... How I can to make invisible the content of the threas to UNREGISTRED USERS?

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  • Limit words in Email to users about new thread´s

    I want to limit content in the email sent to users about new threads. Where would I do that?

    To much of the new threads are...
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  • Template Variable For the User's Avatar (Instead of Avatar Thumbnail)

    I am attempting to enlarge avatars displayed next to posts in conversation_userinfo. I've found that vB doesn't have built-in resizing options, and that...
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  • Yilmaz - Newest Users vB4

    Show the ones that are the latest users. (usually located at the bottom of the Forum Home)

    Installation How-to
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